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La Fondation WRG


Since 2014 the WRG Classic continues to grow and evolve from a gentlemen’s game of hockey into a free outdoor winter festival celebrating the beauty and charm of winter in Canada, in the home of hockey, Montreal, Quebec.

With the support from our players, spectators, and our partners, the WRG Classic is growing, allowing us to begin the process of giving back to the community and the sport of hockey, which has forged friendships, united cultures and enriched our lives for generations.

In 2018 we established La Fondation WRG to create and host new opportunities for the next generation of Montrealers and Canadians, and instill the same passion for both the sport and the culture of hockey. Our foundation’s ultimate goal is to help the next generation espouse the values of sportsmanship, athletics, wellness and sense of community.

If you would like to get involved please contact us to learn how.