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How To Dress

Spectator Style Inspo

Smile for the camera… every year one spectator is awarded the BEST DRESSED award. This year it could be you! Not sure what to wear to fit the WRG Classic style theme? We’ve got you covered with our tips and tricks.


Staying Warm

Layering is key. Start with a warm, breathable, technical base layer and work your way outwards to your outfit look and outer layers. Natural fabrics like wool will keep you warm and still release any excess heat. The players are skating around but you’ll want to be warm walking around the village and enjoying the games and music so the same advice applies! For outerwear, wool suit jackets and coats will keep you warm and on-theme. Warm gloves and headwear are very encouraged, vintage style of course being ideal.

There will be heated areas and fire pits to gather around and mingle. Additionally, there will be hand warmers, hot beverages and warm food sold in the Merchant Village.


Don’t hesitate to wear a show-stopping jacket! Turn heads by pulling off a wool, tweed, fur, vintage leather coat or even a cape. Whichever you decide to wear, don’t sacrifice your warmth for style and make sure it protects you from the chilliest, most blustery day. No one likes to be a party pooper and leave early.


Get a props from Queen Elizabeth by rocking the most extravagant headwear you can find. Bowler hats, berets, felt hats, fur hats, or even headbands can work wonders to add a special touch to your ensemble.


Fashion accessories that also keep you warm can be your best asset. Think about stylish muffs, stoles, gloves, clutches, or anything to add to your dapper look. Be creative, a fashionable blanket can even make for a great cape or scarf while keeping you cozy.

Psst, dogs also make great accessories!

Fancy Footwork

Everyone should wear proper footwear for the conditions. We suggest a few steps to help you do it right. Thank us later! 

Step 1: Wear some wool socks. Unlike cotton, wool is a great insulator. Your feet will be toasty and warm in them, no matter how cold it’ll be.

Step 2: Functional is fashionable at the Classic, so wear waterproof boots. As soon as humidity infiltrates your boots, you know it’s over. Better to be safe than sorry in difficult conditions. 

Step 3: Pack toe warmers. You can never have too many.

Step 4: Do a little shimmy dance. Not only will you stay warm, you’ll also attract a crowd.

Sustainable Fashion

The WRG Classic celebrates the winter season, without which so much sport and culture wouldn’t exist.The festival wouldn’t be able to come to life without it. This is why sustainability and protection are deeply ingrained values for us.

In this spirit, we encourage you to be creative and to dress up for the occasion in a sustainable way. You can check out some old thrift stores, browse through your grandparents’ closets, shop from brands with similar values, or rent out some pieces of clothing for the festival. The options are endless. Surprise us!

Player Style Rules

A dapper ensemble is mandatory for the players at the #WRGClassic. While we dont require players to step on the ice in their best suit, player dress code dictates they wear a collared shirt and a necktie, or ‘rink formal’. Thus, La Classique Style was born. Blazers, tweeds, prints and of course personal flare are encouraged.

Check out our video below for inspiration.

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