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WRG Classic festival

Winter 2023
Montréal, QC

Our Mission

Our mission is to make access to playing hockey easier by improving the public facilities and simultaneously creating excitement and anticipation by sharing moments of sport, joy and local community on the outdoor rinks. 

Our Vision

Hockey is a symbol of our unique Montreal culture and public outdoor rinks democratize the sport to every and all Canadians. 

La Classique WRG aspires to become the most important winter festival, seeking to spotlight the importance of environmental protection, public resources, physical activity and shared community joy.

La Classique Style

Throughout the 1910’s, 20’s & 30’s, men could be found wearing suits to the rink, both on and off the ice. A mandatory dress code is imposed to players, yet we strongly encourage spectators to step onto the scene wearing outfits reminiscent of the era.