How To Play

How To Play

Become a Player

At the WRG Classic, all skill levels are welcome to play. From outdoor rink-rats to seasoned pros, men and women suit up in their finest to hit the ice for a friendly tournament. 

For 2020, we’re sticking to our traditional formula with four teams for a total of 40 players and four goaltenders. Roster spots will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis, and open spots will be filled from the waitlist in the same fashion.

The first in-person event with the participating players happens at Combine Day & Draft Day which is set to take place @ Hockey Etcetera on January 4th. As part of the player experience, all registered players are invited to a professional training day, including off-ice and on-ice activities, engineered for personal development and player relationships. Players will be drafted to their teams by our team captains. More information about this initiation event will be coming out soon!

Due to the outdoor nature of the WRG Classic, the schedule of games will be subject to the weather conditions in the weeks prior. Hence, games may be played on Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday of the weekend before a winner can be crowned. While we don’t require players to step on the ice in their best suit, they must wear a collared shirt and a necktie, or as we refer to it “rink formal”. 

Check out this video for more inspiration on how to dress for the ice.