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Player Combine & Draft Day

Player Combine &
Draft Day

January 4th, 2020 @ Hockey Etcetera
Sponsored by Lululemon

Combine Day is the first in-person touchpoint with the players prior to the festival. The day begins with the Draft, where the teams for the Classic are announced in celebratory fashion. Portraits will be taken, kicking off the festive and stylish atmosphere that makes the Classic unique.

Team Bonding

While all of the activities of Combine Day are designed to benefit players as teams and as individual athletes, we also want to emphasize a joyous attitude and feeling of community. Through these shared activities, there is also abundant opportunity to provide players with clothing and objects that can be a useful memento to an already memorable experience. 

On-Ice & Off Ice Training

Players will have the opportunity to participate in activities that aim to holistically improve their performance: and off the ice, mentally and physically. Each group will have the opportunity to benefit from specialized coaching, training, and mental skill-building. This programming is designed to provide a unique experience for all levels of athlete, letting every player leave with improved confidence in their mental and physical skills, as well as a bonded rapport with their teammates in advance of the Classic tournament.

Sneak Peek

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